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WMACS 2011 Schedule Revealed

The new 6-day schedule. Check back often for updates =)


Second Counselor Meeting

Wooo 2 counselor meetings down, 2 more to go! Much like the first, we got a ton of work done, a lot of great ideas came out, and we are one step closer to having everything ready to go in a month (OMG camp starts in a month). In addition to planning, we also combed through all of the inventory and supplies from previous years (Some of that stuff was kind of gross =\) and ran through a lot of old camp videos and memories. Can’t wait for camp to start, here’s some pictures from the meeting to hold you over until then!

First Counselor Meeting

Last weekend we held our first counselor meeting to prepare for WMACS 2011! We came up with a ton of great ideas, and have been planning non-stop since then to improve them, work out the logistics, and make 2011 the best year ever. Here’s a pic of us in action! (I think we might be watching a YouTube video for “inspiration” at the moment, but I swear it was relevant)

First Counselor Meeting of 2011!

First Counselor Meeting of 2011!

Hello WMACS!

Hey WMACS! We’re migrating the old site over to WordPress, so we apologize ahead of time, as the site may be down over the next few days, but I promise it’ll be fixed and better than ever in no time! Migrating over to WordPress will give us much more control over the content, and make changes in the future much easier for everyone. Please leave us any comments and suggestions you may have, and we’ll try to respond and/or incorporate them into our new design!

Welcome to WMACS Summer Camp!

WMACS is a fun and exciting camp geared towards Chinese-Americans. Over the course of a week, you will attend Chinese culture classes, participate in camp games/activities, and even party it up at the closing dance. During camp, you will make many lifelong friends and bond with your counselors. WMACS is an experience you won’t forget!

Check out this fantastic video of WMACS to get an idea of what WMACS is all about, and why we would love for you to join us.