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Post-Camp Survey

As you revel in the glorious memories of camp and reminisce on all the amazing times you had, please take a few minutes to fill out this post-camp survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback, so please be honest when making your comments! We will take them into consideration when planning future years and deciding how to make them even more awesome. Thanks everyone!


Day 3 Photos: Classes, Games, and Volleyball!

A miracle happened and the air conditioning came on (thank you!).  Classes progressed as campers continued learning their dances, camp song and diabolo routines.  In sports, campers learned the basics of volleyball, in arts and crafts younger campers made dough figurines while older campers made firecrackers, and in ID younger campers learned how to play Go/WeiQi while the older campers had a discussion on tiger moms.

The forecast again called for rain, so we postponed The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race for a game afternoon and volleyball at night.  At games afternoon, teams started by solving a mystery involving a stolen piece of art (it was Mr. Handsome because he’s a kleptomaniac.  The briefcase and the dogs don’t matter…relax children).  Then campers split up into their groups to engage in varying activities.  Older campers played dinner party and salesman, while the younger campers played log tag and other games.  Dinner party had campers act out different characters (eg an eskimo concerned about global warming, or a couple on their honeymoon) and then another camper had to guess who they were.  Salesman had one person up in the front selling an unknown product.  This person had to depend on the questions being asked by the rest of the camp to figure out what product he/she was selling.

After dinner, teams took the lessons from sports class that morning and engaged in our annual volleyball tournament.  Those that did not want to participate either cheered from the sidelines or went swimming with staff.  The Incredibles went two for two by taking both the Quidditch and volleyball titles.  Afterward, campers and counselors squared off in an all-star match, which the counselors won…better luck next year, kids.

Day Three in 60 Seconds:

Day 2 Photos: First Day of Classes, Quidditch, and Game Show Night!

The first day of classes started on Sunday this year.  Campers each took six classes, three in the morning and three after lunch.  All campers were required to take arts and crafts, folk dance, sports, chorus and ID (identity discussion).  For their sixth classes, campers had the option of taking either folk sports with counselor Alex or modern dance with counselors Becky and Jojo.

The A/C still wasn’t on (apparently the mechanic didn’t work weekends), and so our campers suffered a bit in the PE Center.  In chorus, campers began learning the camp song, Wo Men De Gu Shi (Our Story) by Tension.  In ID, all campers decorated paper bags to create their own personal mailboxes.  These were later hung up on the wall of the 2nd floor lounge at the dorm so that campers and counselors could sense positive messages back and forth throughout the week.

In the afternoon, we were supposed to have water games, but the forecast called for rain and so we switched it up with Quidditch, instead.  Quidditch, which the campers learned earlier that day in sports class, is a game based off the sport featured in the Harry Potter book series.  In our “muggle” version, teams faced off against one another in 9v9 matches.  The objective is to send the quaffle (a small kickball) through one of three hoops, which is defended by a keeper (a goalie).  Each goal scores one point.  Meanwhile, two players from each team serve as beaters.  They carry bludgers (squishy balls) that they can use to freeze members of the opposite team.  When hit by a bludger, campers had to dizzy bat three times before they could continue playing.  With about five minutes left in the match, two counselors entered the playing field throwing around the snitch (a tennis ball).  The game ended when either team’s seeker was able to intercept this tennis ball, which scored that team an additional 3 points.  For a first go around at the game this year, we’d say that campers had a great time and Quidditch proved to be a success.

At night we brought back game show night.  In their groups (B1 through G6), campers competed in one of six games against a group of the opposite sex.  These games included Family Feud, where groups had to guess the most popular answer to a category based on a survey of the counselors’ friends; Match Game, where groups were rewarded points based on the number of group members who responded identically to a given question; Jeopardy!; Dizzybat Boggle, in which campers had to dizzy bat five times (see a theme yet?) before running up to a table to find the most words possible in a 4×4 grid of letters; Wheel of Fortune; and Mind Reader, where campers had to guess their partners’ answers to a specific question like “Who would ____ want to slow dance with?”

Day Two in 60 Seconds:

First Day Photos: Drop-off, moving in, and orientation!

Welcome to WMACS 2011!  Day 1 of 8…that’s right, EIGHT!  Camp is one day longer this year, so we started on a Saturday, instead of our traditional Sunday.

After meeting at TECRO, we departed for Frostburg State University, where our camp has been held since 1997 (15th year!).  We gave our campers time to settle into their rooms, but after dinner we went on a tour of the campus and then the counselors led the camp through an orientation and some ice breakers.

Unfortunately, the A/C wasn’t working (on the hottest day of the year), but that didn’t stop us from having some fun.  We started off with our standard introduction of counselors and staff, followed by a review of the camp rules by Ian (what time is lights out, again?).  Alex proved to us why he was teaching folk sports this year by showcasing his diabolo skills, then, Amy introduced us to Zumba, which would be an elective this year, and Becky and Jojo showed off the choreography that they would be teaching this week in modern dance.  Becky and Jojo (with special guest appearances by fellow counselors) followed that up with another routine to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO that campers would learn if they were up for the challenge.  Once Amy caught her breath, she and Brian gave a preview of their cover songs elective (although we really think it was an excuse for Brian to show off his beatboxing skills).

The campers then split into their groups to engage in ice breakers facilitated by their counselors
(click here to watch a montage).  The teams with which the campers would compete in various activities throughout the week were introduced and another set of ice breakers were done.  The night ended with Sean introducing us to Ride That Pony, which got the entire camp dancing.  It also gave us this delightful moment on the way back to the dorms for our late night snack.

Day One in 60 Seconds:


Q: How much can (half of) our youngest girl campers possibly pack?