Virtual Counselor Meeting

A lot of our counselors this year are coming to camp from outside the Washington DC Metropolitan Area… this poses a challenge for some of our pre-camp planning meetings. The solution? Group video chat! 😉

What are we spelling out? (Click the picture to make it bigger!)


Posted on July 13, 2011, in Counselor Meetings. Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. google+ should pay us for this awesome ad.

  2. WMACS reppin’ all over the world — NY, VA, VA, CA, MD!!!

  3. WMACS 2011… are you ready for US?! =D

  4. wait, what does it say? i can’t tell because the 4th letter’s backwards, ian

  5. given that it’s no longer backwards, lj…your comment makes you seem a bit dyslexic…

  6. i meant because ian kept saying we were making him do it backwards. oh nvm lol

  7. guys, why are you making me do it backwards? GUYS ITS DEFINITELY BACKWARDS

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