Day 5 Photos: A few group shots, predator & prey, and night market!

We’re nearing the end of classes and so all the lessons are beginning to wrap up.  In ID, younger campers learned about the Great Wall and dragons, while the older campers engaged in discussions on gender and what they look for in an ideal partner.  In arts and crafts, campers made paper flowers and lanterns, campers party rock’ed in modern dance, played dodgeball in sports and folk sports/dance continued refining their routines.  Now that the campers had learned the camp song, a college panel was held for our older campers to ask questions of our counselors.

In the afternoon, teams played Predator & Prey, basically a complex game of tag.  The goal of the game is to get the most points as a team.  Points can be obtained by collecting food stamps or tagging members of the opposing team.  Here were the different roles on each team:

  • Guard dog (1 per team) – can only tag carnivores and omnivores.  task is to protect the team’s herbivores.
  • Carnivore (1) – can tag omnivores or herbivores
  • Omnivore (2) – can tag herbivores or collect food stamps at one of four designated stations
  • Herbivore (rest of team) – can only collect food stamps to earn points
  • Disease (counselors) – can tag anyone.  also equipped with water guns just for fun =).

After all the points were tabulated, The Incredibles again came away with the victory with 480+ points, while second and third were separated by just one point at 405 and 404.

At night, we held our annual night market, inspired by the night markets of Taiwan.  Campers receive tickets which they use to participate in a variety of carnival-like games including skee-ball, cup toss, Blackjack, Kemps, or various games in which they challenge counselors to Pictionary or competitions inspired by the game show Minute To Win It (face the cookie, junk in the trunk, etc.).  Campers could also use tickets to buy snacks, bubble tea, stuffed animals, or other prizes.

At the end of the night, each counselor auctioned off either an item (signed camp t-shirts, a crocheted Eve from WALL-E) or a task (a dinner date, assist in a prank or the opportunity to throw water balloons at a counselor).  The most popular item was a date with counselor Annie, which was won by B2’s Kevin Wang =).   Not too many nights to go…*sniff*


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