WMACS 2010 Recap

Welcome home from WMACS everybody! 2010 was truly one of our best years. We were fortunate enough to have some of the best teachers we’ve ever had, including our very own Mayline and Kevin, and we were lucky enough to make it the whole week without any rain!

WMACS 2010 Year of the Donkey Tiger

In 2010, we brought back old favorites and added some new activities into the mix as well.

In the mornings and early afternoons, campers attended five classes, one-hour classes: folk dance, folk sports, general sports, arts and crafts and identity discussion. General sports and ID (identity discussion) were new additions to the class rotation. In general sports, we had our campers moving, learning the importance of exercise and teamwork through basketball, volleyball and dodgeball. ID was an extension of a class that was previously taught in 2001. For our pre-teens, the class provided an opportunity for campers to learn more about their heritage through folklore and immigration history. For our teenage campers, the class was a discussion-based class, which allowed our campers to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe space without judgment. Topics included parents, Asian-ness, the opposite gender and themselves.


Members of G6 and B6 free write at the end of ID class.

Monday afternoon started with Water Games. Teams competed in three events: Seltzer, Snake and Concussionator. In Seltzer, teams had to protect a seltzer tablet from being dissolved by members of other teams possessing water guns. Campers could not use their arms to defend…only their bodies. One team member from each team possessed a noodle with a wet towel on the end, which he/she used to freeze team members of the other team and unfreeze his/her own team members. We played until only one tablet remained. In Snake, each team of 14 lined up to front-to-back to form a chain. The person in the front of the snake possessed a noodle, which he/she used to touch the individual at the end of the other teams’ snakes. If successful, the person at the tail exits the playing area, but is then allowed to launch water balloons at opposing snakes. If any part of the snake is hit, the person at the end of the snake must exit the playing area. We played until only one snake remained. In concussionator, one-by-one, team members spun around a bat 10 times, walked about 15 feet to pick up a tennis ball, then back to drop the ball in their team’s bucket. To make it interesting, we set a sprinkler going over the playing area. If this sounds boring, we recommend you watch the game in action.


Badger, Badger…Snaaaaaaaaake!

Tuesday we brought back a game from last year called Predator and Prey. The game is basically tag meets the food chain. Teams assigned themselves into 10 herbivores, 2 omnivores, 1 carnivore and 1 guard dog. The goal of the herbivores was to travel among five stations collecting food points. For each station they successfully reached, they earned a point for their respective teams. Unfortunately for them, the omnivores and carnivores of the seven other teams were out to “eat” them. Omnivores, like herbivores, could collect points from food stations, but could also collect points by tagging herbivores. Carnivores could only tag herbivores or omnivores for points. Guard dogs could tag anyone, but could not earn any points for their teams. Each camper was given three “life points,” meaning if they were tagged a total of three times, they were “dead” and out of the game. The could buy back life points, but at a cost to their team’s overall point total. Just to make things interesting, our counselors played the role of “disease,” allowing them to “kill” anyone. If you’re confused, just come to camp next year and play it yourself =).


Watermelon eating relay is no joke!

Wednesday featured The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race (TAAAR), a staple since 2004, which just gets bigger and better every year. Based on the show of a similar name, teams have eight tasks to complete around the campus. At the start of the race, teams are given a riddle, which should direct them to their first tasks. On successful completion of this task, teams earned one, two or three clues to the final puzzle, which, this year, was a crossword based on facts about the counselors. The tasks this year were as follows: Mat Mover, Tile Game, Blind Gauntlet, Peg Game, Mastermind, Eating Relay, Farmville, and Human Word Search. In Mat Mover, all team members had to stand on a mat, while moving it a designated distance. In Tile Game, teams had to arrange themselves in a specific order without talking and without stepping off the provided tiles. Blind Gauntlet asked to find four objects amidst an obstacle course while blindfolded. Peg Game was based off the classic wooden game of the same name. Teams leap-frogged over one another to clear as many individuals off of a triangular game board.

Mastermind had teams attempt to guess a four-color combination. Incorrect guesses resulted in a spray of water. In Eating Relay, team members had to consume fourteen different foods, but could only be fed by the hands of another team member. The goal of Farmville was to find your matching animal pair within your team. The problem was that everyone was blind-folded, our counselors would make additional sounds to distract them, and, well…some of our campers struggled with the animal sounds themselves (DOOOONKEY!). Finally, Human Word Search had our campers use their bodies to cover up words. They could not cover up extra letters and had to keep their arms to their sides. Unfortunately for our campers, many of them didn’t plan for word intersections, which resulted in some hilarious video.

Thursday afternoon we had our annual basketball tournament. After Matt, Andrew and Chris dominated against their peers, they helped the campers crush the counselor competition in our all-star game. Out of our own embarrassment…don’t be surprised if the basketball tournament does not return next year.


We clean up well. Come back next year!

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