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Are you all packed?!

I just finished packing everything for camp, whew! Have you started? If not, I’m here to remind you that we’ve got a handy dandy packing list for you, right here on the site: What to Bring.

Please don’t forget: a bath towel, a pillow, a sleeping bag OR a blanket + twin XL sheets, and all the stuff you’ll need to brush your teeth and shower with.

You may want to write your name on your belongings just in case it gets mixed up with your friends’ stuff. You can use a marker and masking tape to label most things. 🙂

Drop off for WMACS is Saturday, July 23rd at 11:45AM at TECRO Culture Center:
901 Wind River Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1960

Click for map

PARENTS: Keep up with us all week long right here on blog, on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter!

I’m super duper excited for camp! See you tomorrow… T-minus less than 24 hours! Ahh!


Virtual Counselor Meeting

A lot of our counselors this year are coming to camp from outside the Washington DC Metropolitan Area… this poses a challenge for some of our pre-camp planning meetings. The solution? Group video chat! 😉

What are we spelling out? (Click the picture to make it bigger!)

Welcome to WMACS Summer Camp!

WMACS is a fun and exciting camp geared towards Chinese-Americans. Over the course of a week, you will attend Chinese culture classes, participate in camp games/activities, and even party it up at the closing dance. During camp, you will make many lifelong friends and bond with your counselors. WMACS is an experience you won’t forget!

Check out this fantastic video of WMACS to get an idea of what WMACS is all about, and why we would love for you to join us.