Activities take place in the afternoon after class, and after dinner. Counselors plan each activity for weeks before camp, and include anything from a night full of games and carnival games, to campus-wide scavenger hunts, to massive water balloon fights. For more information on each activity, click on the activity name below!

For returning campers:


Game Night

What the name sounds like! It is a fun-packed night of exhilarating, camp-wide games. Over the years, the counselors have come up with a wide variety of games such as Tank, Man Overboard, and Touch Some Legs. In short, get ready to put your game face on 🙂

Man Overboard!


Night Market

Ever been to the Night Market in Taiwan/China? If not, it’s your lucky day (and if so, it’s still your lucky day) because we are bringing the night market to you! All the campers will have the opportunity to play games against counselors and win tickets for awesome prizes.

I think she won....


Predator and Prey

How’s your animal instinct? In a battle of the fittest, campers compete in their previously assigned teams and play the roles of herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and guard dogs.

You can run, but you can't hide from the diseases!


The Amazing Race

One of the best activities of camp. All the campers race around the Frostburg campus passing through “roadblocks” and “detours” along the way. In order to win, the team must be able to efficiently complete all the tasks and beat all the other teams to the finish line.

And the race begins!


Water Games

It’s the middle of summer, everyone loves a little fun in the sun with a lot of water! Ever year, counselors come up with new and exciting ways to do just that. Water-based relays, slip and slides, and of course, the massive water balloon fight at the end, water games is one of the most exciting activities every year (for the campers of course, we have to make thousands of water balloons).

This looks like fun, but trust me it's not




The Dance

The culmination of all the new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime end in the week’s last activity, simply called “The Dance”. Everyone gets dressed up to look their best as we celebrate the end of another year at WMACS. We start off by awarding the superlatives that campers voted on during the week, and then we dance and party until it’s time to go home.

The 2010 Winners: Sizzling Bacon





Outstanding Students with their Teachers

ID Class Best Students


Who needs glow sticks when you have glow yo-yos?

The party has officially started!


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