Games Night

Games Night is a nighttime activity where campers play various games, thought up by counselors and enjoyed by all! During WMACS 2010, campers played games such as Rock Paper Cheer, Man Overboard and Touch Some Legs. These games are played by the entire camp, together, as opposed to being played in teams or groups. Sometimes, counselors will play alongside campers and own the heck out of the campers (right?)

Man Overboard

consists of several different commands one of the counselors will shout out. Each command requires campers to perform a specific activity, and can even involve multiple campers collaborating on a single action. Those that fail to perform the action or are last to perform them are eliminated. The game continues to the very end until we have a winner!


 Touch Some Legs

Touch some legs is a game of tag introduced to the camp by counselor Esther Wei. The game is like other tag games where you need to avoid being tagged. If you get tagged, you’re out of the game. However, there’s a twist: you can only get tagged in the legs, below the knees. As more and more people get tagged out, counselors introduce crazier and crazier rules, from limiting the boundaries to giving counselors invincibility.

Gameshow Night

Another nighttime activity that’s similar to Games Night is Gameshow Night. During Gameshow Night, campers are split up into their respective groups and will compete against their complementary group in Gameshow events, such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. In this activity, playing with each other is more than just fun and games – the winning groups of the events are awarded bonus tickets that can be used for Night Market prizes.



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