Night Market

Night Market is our version of a mini-carnival, full of games where you can compete against counselors and other campers to earn tickets, buy prizes, and even pie your counselor! Our favorite games include Game-O-Rama, where you play a random mini-game against a counselor or pair of counselors, and other fun games, like the ever-challenging 24.


Another camper favorite is pictionary, as you can see by the large group of campers lining up to beat Dan and Esther below:

Unfortunately, not all of these games are as fun for the counselors as they are for the campers…

Throughout the night, campers can buy prizes, snacks, bubble tea, and other various prizes, but many choose to save their tickets for the auctions at the end, where counselors are auctioned off to get pied in the face, or do a task chosen by the winner. Some of these tasks are really, quite embarrassing.

Not sure why they're still smiling

As a result of these humilations, we have been in full-on Night Market planning mode, hoping to redeem ourselves with new and improved games at which we will dominate.


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