The Amazing Race

One of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding activities in the last few years is The Amazing Race. This is no ordinary activity, as campers must race across campus collecting clues by completing various “stations” scattered across the University campus. Completing each station gives you a clue to the next station, and brings you one step closer to solving the final puzzle!

Each station is puzzle in itself, requiring creativity, logic, and most importantly, a LOT of teamwork. Every year brings brand new stations and challenges, so the Amazing Race is never easy! In 2010, one of the stations required your entire team to stand on a mat, and find a way to move it a certain distance, without anyone stepping off.

This group was smarter than others...

Another station required campers to find certain words hidden in a life-sized word search and use themselves to cover the discovered words.  Only after all of the words are covered (time to use your brains and bodies!)

After a team has completed all of the stations, they sit down to work on their final puzzle, using the clues they have gathered from the games before.  Last year, The Amazing Race carried from the afternoon activity into the evening activity, and teams were permitted to use the dinner period to work together on the puzzle if desired. Every team did so, which warmed our hearts (and allowed to have a quiet meal!) and provided us further reason to love The Amazing Race.

awww, look at that teamwork!

The Amazing Race in 2011 will be more fun than ever before! With it, it will also be challenging, thought-provoking, and of course, require lots of teamwork and patience.  Some old favorites will, unfortunately, be retired, but never fear! New ones will replace them and be even better.

Keep checking back, maybe we’ll post a few pictures of us counselors previewing games from The Amazing Race 2011!

  1. remember when we had the marshmallow hunt instead of this? LJ is gonna put on a SICK competition.

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