During the day, campers attend a variety of classes. Our classes range from Folk Sports Arts & Crafts to Identity Discussion. Through these classes, campers are able to reconnect to their chinese culture.

Here’s an overview of some of the classes we’re offering this year (for more information, click on the class name):

Arts & Crafts

Campers are taught to make different items like bracelets, baskets, and figurines. Campers are taught by a teacher from Taiwan, so you know that the end result will be something to be proud of.

Making a beaded bracelet!



Because of camper request, we are bringing back Chorus this year! In this class, campers learn a song in Chinese that they perform for their parents at the final showcase at TECRO.

Throwback from Chorus in 2009


Folk Dance

Get ready to put your dancing shoes on for Folk Dance. Using various props like fans, ribbons, and drums, campers learn a Chinese folk dance to show to their parents. Click HERE for a clip of dance practice from last year (see if you can spot a counselor).

B2/G2 learning a fan dance


Folk Sports

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Chinese yo-yo? If yes, then this the class for you! Campers learn fun yo-yo tricks as well as jump roping and top.

Who knew Chinese yo-yos came in so many different colors?!?


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