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Less Than A Month Left!

Hi everyone! LJ here. Just wanted to pop in for an update on this weekend’s meeting:

We asked every counselor to bring a HOMEMADE dish to the meeting this Saturday for a fabulous, home-cooked meal.  Brian followed directions really well and made some delicious fried chicken (ask him for the recipe!). However, we were all surprised to hear that Popeyes tried to take credit for his homemade dish! No one was more shocked than Brian….

Next, we went supply shopping! We searched far and wide for the best items to bring to camp for YOU, dear campers.  For example, is this not the cutest cow in the world? You MIGHT see this cow again at some point during the week….in which case giving it to LJ will give you major brownie points!

I’m so cute! Moo!

JonJon sacrificed his manly pride and took it upon himself to search through all the seemingly girly items for the supplies we needed. What a champ!

I’m…testing out deodorant? =/

Of course, we did find other (better) things on our trip.

For all your rainy day needs!….on Sesame Street…

Yes, both Emily AND the pillow pet will be available for bidding.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games.  We got back to business and put our faithful servants awesome new counselors to work!

Just kidding! Sort of.

See you next time!

P.S. I’m not kidding about that stuffed cow.


Operation: Code Name

Hello WMACSers of 2012!

Are you all getting excited for camp yet?! We’re just 5 weeks away from camp so if you still haven’t, send in those applications before July 1st to get a special discount price. We promise you won’t regret this once-a-year, super fun event!

We love meetings…and Macbooks

For those of you still not convinced you wanna join in on the amazing awesomeness called WMACS, all the counselors are working extra hard this year to make camp even better than last (and trust us, that’s pretty hard to top). We’re dishing out a whole list of brand new activities and keeping true to our classics. But more on that in another post.

“How do I make camp even awesomer?”

As all of our veteran campers know, counselors are assigned nicknames every year. Any ideas what this year’s theme is? It’s something super cool and super awesome…did you get it? Hoped you guessed SUPERHEROES and VILLAINS, because that’s the counselor theme for the year of 2012! Yayy! Was that too obvious…?

A little preview of JMaa’s design

So that’s all for today’s update. Come back soon for another snippet post about what we’re up to and what’s in store for camp. Until then, stay excited!!

“Please come to camp or I’ll be sad!” Don’t make LJ cry.

It’s the Final Countdown!

With just under a week left until WMACS 2011, the counselors met with Staff at TECRO to finalize our preparations and figure out our last minute tasks. Campers should be receiving e-mails and phone calls from their counselors in the next few days with some quick reminders, answer any questions, and get you excited for WMACS! Also be sure to check the FAQ and make sure you have everything you need! For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Just a couple quick reminders:

Drop off for WMACS is Saturday, July 23rd at 11:45AM at TECRO Culture Center
Pick up will also be at TECRO, following the final performance from 1-3PM on Saturday, July 30th.

The Address for TECRO is
901 Wind River Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1960

Also for those of you wondering who all the counselors for each group are…

B6 – Barry, Brett
B5 – Dan
B4 – JonJon, Ian
B3 – Alex
B2 – Darrell, Sean
B1 – Brian

G6 – Jdub
G5 – Emily
G4 – Esther, Annie
G3 – Jojo
G2 – Becky
G1 – Amy

Take a look through this week’s counselor meeting’s pictures, you can feel the excitement as we get closer and closer to Saturday!

Counselor Pre-treat

With only 2 weeks to go before camp, the counselors decided that a one day meeting just wouldn’t be enough, so we spent the entire weekend planning and working on getting ready. We finalized the activities and class schedule (Wow, turns out an extra day is a ton of work to plan!), bought AWESOME prizes (When we were campers, our only prize choices were army men and lollipops), and prepped the supplies and materials for each activity. We also assigned groups to counselors (who should be contacting you within the next few days) and tested out some games. =) Check out some of the pictures from this weekend!

Virtual Counselor Meeting

A lot of our counselors this year are coming to camp from outside the Washington DC Metropolitan Area… this poses a challenge for some of our pre-camp planning meetings. The solution? Group video chat! 😉

What are we spelling out? (Click the picture to make it bigger!)