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Day 8: Leaving Frostburg, Group Photos, and Showcase

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Day 7: Electives, Rehearsal, and The Dance

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Day 6 Photos: Water Games, Free Time

Last day of classes =(, but not the last day of camp =).  Chorus turned into a scrapbooking session and time for campers to make appreciation cards for the Frostburg State University staff, as well as the ah-yi’s and shu-shu’s who came along with us this year.  In ID, campers finished off the week by writing affirmations or positive messages to one another that they could look back on to remember the awesome memories they had from camp.

In the afternoon, our very delayed water games finally happened.  Teams got into their swimwear and competed in four different competitions out on the field:

  • Cowboys vs Asians – one pair from each team squared off in a duel.  one member of each pair had a loaded water gun, while the other had five splash bombs.  the team with the last man standing scored a point.
  • Save the Princess – one team tried to navigate an obstacle course while avoiding water balloons and splash bombs from an opposing team.  each team member that slid to victory via the slip and slide scored a point
  • Concussionator – in a relay, team members spun around a bat five times before running out onto a sprinkler-soaked field to pick up a tennis ball to bring back to their teams.  the team with the most balls collected won.
  • Water toss relay – one team member set out with a bottle to fill with water, then came back and tossed the contents of the bottle to another team member with a bucket.  this continued until time ran out.  the team with the most water in their respective bucket won.

After dinner, we had free time in the dorm.  With the extra day, we wanted to make sure campers just had the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Some campers wrote notes to one another via the mailboxes, others played cards or board games, and others just sat around exchanging stories and getting to know one another better….and then there were the members of G4, who cashed in on their night market prize to pelt teacher Kevin with water balloons.

Day 5 Photos: A few group shots, predator & prey, and night market!

We’re nearing the end of classes and so all the lessons are beginning to wrap up.  In ID, younger campers learned about the Great Wall and dragons, while the older campers engaged in discussions on gender and what they look for in an ideal partner.  In arts and crafts, campers made paper flowers and lanterns, campers party rock’ed in modern dance, played dodgeball in sports and folk sports/dance continued refining their routines.  Now that the campers had learned the camp song, a college panel was held for our older campers to ask questions of our counselors.

In the afternoon, teams played Predator & Prey, basically a complex game of tag.  The goal of the game is to get the most points as a team.  Points can be obtained by collecting food stamps or tagging members of the opposing team.  Here were the different roles on each team:

  • Guard dog (1 per team) – can only tag carnivores and omnivores.  task is to protect the team’s herbivores.
  • Carnivore (1) – can tag omnivores or herbivores
  • Omnivore (2) – can tag herbivores or collect food stamps at one of four designated stations
  • Herbivore (rest of team) – can only collect food stamps to earn points
  • Disease (counselors) – can tag anyone.  also equipped with water guns just for fun =).

After all the points were tabulated, The Incredibles again came away with the victory with 480+ points, while second and third were separated by just one point at 405 and 404.

At night, we held our annual night market, inspired by the night markets of Taiwan.  Campers receive tickets which they use to participate in a variety of carnival-like games including skee-ball, cup toss, Blackjack, Kemps, or various games in which they challenge counselors to Pictionary or competitions inspired by the game show Minute To Win It (face the cookie, junk in the trunk, etc.).  Campers could also use tickets to buy snacks, bubble tea, stuffed animals, or other prizes.

At the end of the night, each counselor auctioned off either an item (signed camp t-shirts, a crocheted Eve from WALL-E) or a task (a dinner date, assist in a prank or the opportunity to throw water balloons at a counselor).  The most popular item was a date with counselor Annie, which was won by B2’s Kevin Wang =).   Not too many nights to go…*sniff*

Day 4 Photos: The Amazing Race, Man Overboard

The skies finally cleared up and we were ready for some racing today.  Before the big/amazing race, however, there were classes to be taken.  The kids tell us that folk dance is pretty intense.  We took a peek in and thought the kids were doing P90X.  Instead, they were just warming up before they had to do cartwheels and splits and back bends and hold up their own leg for a minute (apparently we’re a cheer camp now?).  In ID, younger campers learned about the Monkey King and Peking Opera, while the older campers had a discussion on the model minority and the bamboo ceiling.  In sports kids played kickball, folk sports and modern dance continued trucking along with routines.  Classes that were far along started learning how to shuffle to Party Rock Anthem.

In the afternoon we were finally ready for The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race.  Teams competed to complete eight stations around campus.  Upon successful completion, they would get clues to help solve a final crossword puzzle.  The eight stations were as follows:

  • Mat Stacker – teams had to stack two mats located on opposite sides of a room, while standing on top of them
  • Lava River – each team member had to carry another team member a set distance, without repeating a method of carrying that had already been used
  • Twister – teams used the rules of Twister to travel from one side of the playing field to another…except the playing field got smaller and smaller as the game went on…
  • Amoeba – teams had to interlock hands to create one unit, and then walk together while carrying various, awkwardly shaped objects
  • Rope Maze – one-by-one, blindfolded team members entered a rope maze.  if they messed up, the next team member went…except this new team member wasn’t able to see what mistake was made…
  • Farmville – team members were given an animal to charade.  once they found their pairs, they had to charade their animal to the rest of the team and have them guess correctly.
  • Parachute – using only their teeth, team members used trash bags to carry various objects across a room
  • Barrel Roll – one by one, team members dizzy batted 10 times, then dove through a foam barrel.   once in the barrell, a counselor rolled the barrel as fast as possible to make escape that much more difficult.

The Ewoks took the crown, being both the first team to complete all eight tasks AND the first team to complete the crossword puzzle (in an impressing 24 minutes).  This crossword featured fun factoids about the counselors, such as the name of LJ’s car and several counselors’ guilty music pleasure.

After TAAAR was over, the entire camp played a game of Shipwreck.  In this game, counselor Barry called out various signals.  Depending on the signal, campers had to arrange themselves in groups of 1 through 5:

  • Hit the Deck (1) = last person to touch the ground is out
  • Man Overboard (2) = one person jumps on another’s back
  • Man The Pumps (3) = two people pump a third person’s arms
  • Life Jacket (4) = three people interlock hands and surround a fourth person in the middle
  • Mess Hall (5) = four people stand on one leg, pretending to eat over the fifth person that acts as a table

Talia beat out Justin to claim this year’s victory before we went back to the dorm for lights out.