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Operation: Code Name

Hello WMACSers of 2012!

Are you all getting excited for camp yet?! We’re just 5 weeks away from camp so if you still haven’t, send in those applications before July 1st to get a special discount price. We promise you won’t regret this once-a-year, super fun event!

We love meetings…and Macbooks

For those of you still not convinced you wanna join in on the amazing awesomeness called WMACS, all the counselors are working extra hard this year to make camp even better than last (and trust us, that’s pretty hard to top). We’re dishing out a whole list of brand new activities and keeping true to our classics. But more on that in another post.

“How do I make camp even awesomer?”

As all of our veteran campers know, counselors are assigned nicknames every year. Any ideas what this year’s theme is? It’s something super cool and super awesome…did you get it? Hoped you guessed SUPERHEROES and VILLAINS, because that’s the counselor theme for the year of 2012! Yayy! Was that too obvious…?

A little preview of JMaa’s design

So that’s all for today’s update. Come back soon for another snippet post about what we’re up to and what’s in store for camp. Until then, stay excited!!

“Please come to camp or I’ll be sad!” Don’t make LJ cry.