Darrell Chan – Head Counselor

Vienna, VA
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011
Camper: 2 years (2003-04)
Counselor: 6 years (2007-09, 11-13)

Darrell is a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate with a degree in Music Performance. While originally pursuing a career in medicine, he is now chasing his dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

He spent most of his life growing up in northern Virginia. During that time he attended Experimental Chinese School for 11 years, attended many WACTA tennis tournaments and camps, and competed many times in DC’s annual Dragon Boat Festival. He also loves playing a good game of ultimate frisbee, is terribly allergic to too many things in this world, and he loves food and finds himself cooking for friends more often than he really should.

As a previous camper for two years, Darrell knows that the one week at WMACS is always the best week of the year (yes, BETTER than the holidays). This doesn’t change once you become a counselor either. The fun just keeps on comin’. Darrell comes back year after year knowing that some of the strongest, longest lasting friendships are formed during the week of camp and he just doesn’t want to miss out on any of it!

Jessica Chen – Assistant Head Counselor

Vienna, VA
College of William and Mary, 2012
Camper: 7 years (1999-2003, 05-06)
Counselor: 5 years (2009-13)

Jessica (also known as LJ) graduated from the College of William and Mary with degrees in Public Policy and Sociology (she doesn’t know what those are either). Now, she spends most of her time wishing that WMACS was a year-round camp.

LJ’s friends from school like to describe her life like this:

March-May: LJ talks nonstop about how excited she is for WMACS this year
May-August: LJ “falls off the face of the earth” and is “unreachable because her life has been taken over by Asians”
September-November: LJ forces everyone around her to listen to WMACS stories and watch 15 minute videos of kids yoyo-ing
November-February: LJ mopes around waiting for camp season to start again
HOORAYY-it’s currently camp season! =D

Brian Sun – Assistant Head Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2014
Camper: 3 years (2006, 2007, 2009)
Counselor: 3 years (2011-2013)

Brian is currently a rising senior majoring in the extraordinarily profitable studies of English and economics. When not pursuing fortune and fame, he dabbles in guitar, drumming, and contemporary yodeling. He wears a size ten sneaker, is morbidly terrified of dishes containing beans, and is notorious for skipping dessert for a second entree. He also has a perfect track record of sending everyone foolish enough to challenge him to a duel straight to the shadow realm.

During his relatively short career as a camper, Brian has managed to perform the extraordinary feat of disgracing absolutely every arts and crafts project he had the misfortune of being assigned. That being said, his love of all the other fantastic classes as well as the fortuitous number of sillyheads he encountered were more than enough to pull him back to camp as a counselor. Having survived the wrath of B1 last year (jk you guys were pretty dope), he’s wetting himself at the thought of jumping back into camp this year.

Disclaimer: arts and crafts is actually great fun! Brian simply lacks the dexterity and spatial intelligence required to make anything more creative than a garden snake out of clay. Do not let him near glitter.

Alex Han – Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2013
Camper: 7 years (1999, 2004-09)
Counselor: 4 years (2010-13)

Alex is entering his senior year at the University of Maryland, majoring in cell biology and genetics. After his undergraduate career, he plans on pursuing higher education, either in graduate school or medical school. He plans to take the MCAT and GRE and is studying hard for them. Hopefully he won’t pass out before then.

Outside of camp and school, Alex is a giant video game nerd, especially when it comes to titles like Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, you name it and he’ll probably know about it and probably won’t shut up about it. He’s also a fan of juggling, having some experience in rings, balls, contact and diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) juggling. At UMD, he’s a part of the UMD Juggling Club and occasionally performs for events on campus.

Alex enjoys WMACS Summer Camp because it’s a unique experience and it’s all about the people. “You eat, sleep, poop and work together for that one week with the other campers in your group and you conglomerate together to become that one group, be it B2, G5, B6 or G3, it’s inevitably going to be a blast,” he says. Alex decided to keep his camp attendance streak alive (we believe it is currently the longest active streak) because he wanted to replicate the experience he had for current and future campers. He had tons of fun and he wants the subsequent generations to have just as much or even more fun. Moreover, he continues to have fun with counselors and campers alike.

Sophie Lee – Counselor

Chesapeake, VA
University of Virginia, 2011
Camper: 3 years (2001, 03, 05)
Counselor: 3 years (2009-10, 12)
Honorary counselor/helper: 2011

Sophie was born in Maryland but grew up in Reston, VA and graduated from UVA with a Mechanical Engineering major and Aerospace Engineering minor. Now she works for the Navy and is sometimes on a boat, it’s not going fast and it’s actually docked, but tell that to T-Pain who still won’t leave. During her time in college she discovered she had really good rhythm and fell in love with dancing and hip hop, and usually ditched studying to get her groove on. Being as indecisive as she is, she has dabbled in several other hobbies, and also loves sports, music and anything to do with food. Many times she has combined her passions together, although the outcomes have ranged from ballin so hard, to a hot mess. When Sophie isn’t doing everything else, she is usually travelling around to different cities or countries, tryna be all cultured n stuff.

And of course, Sophie loves lamp. I mean camp. She loves camp so much that in 2011 when she wasn’t able to return as a counselor, that fooligan still helped plan and even choreographed a modern dance for class. She has made wonderful memories and friends throughout the years at camp and is excited to be back for more and make this another unforgettable week for campers and counselors.

Jessica Maa – Counselor

San Mateo, CA
University of Maryland College Park, 2012
Camper: 1 year (2008)
Counselor: 4 years (2009-10, 12-13)

Jessica (better known as JMaa) grew up in San Mateo, CA, but currently resides in Gaithersburg, MD. She graduated from the University of Maryland and majored in Studio Art. She likes to pretend she’s super artsy fartsy. Right now, JMaa is working at an IVD company that makes test kits for HIV and a bunch of other scary diseases. Pretty cool, I guess. When she does get a break, she likes to eat good food, sleep way too much, and be a certified lazybum. She’s saving up all her extra energy for one week of awesomeness at WMACS.

Although JMaa only went to camp as a camper for one year, it was enough to get her hooked to come back for more. This will be her fourth year as a counselor! Clearly, she’s addicted.

Sean Huang – Counselor

Ellicott City, MD
Georgetown University, 2014
Camper: 4 years (2004-07)
Counselor: 3 years (2011-13)

In West Philadelphia (actually, Ellicott City) born and raised, on the playground is where Sean spent most of his days. Chilling out, maxing, and relaxing all cool, and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school. He will be on his fourth and final year DC Chillin’ with Wale and Lady Gaga, all the while studying STIA (Science, Technology, & International Affairs) at Georgetown. Sean is an avid Hoyas, Ravens, and Orioles fan (true to his Baltimore roots) with high hopes for his teams, regardless of what others may say – they can keep sippin’ that Haterade.

A favorite camp story of Sean’s is when one time while waiting for the buses to depart to camp, one of Sean’s fellow campers looked at his nametag/schedule and anxiously inquired about basketball. His mom had duped him into signing up for camp by telling him that it was basketball camp. Sean told him that WMACS, most decidedly, was NOT a basketball camp, much to his fellow camper’s chagrin. Womp womp. But it was fine because the camper grew to love WMACS for what it was and returned many a time thereafter. A testament to WMACS’ alluring wonder – PARticipate, don’t ANticipate – and you will have the time of your life.

Emily Cheng – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2013
Camper: 3 years (2005-07)
Counselor: 2 years (2011-12)

Emily is a rising senior at the University of Maryland. She is Neurobiology/Physiology major and an Asian American Studies minor. She was born in New York City but has lived in Montgomery County most of her life. Emily spends the majority of her time procrastinating things she actually has to do by catching up on her favorite TV shows, reading (what a nerd), talking to people about anything and everything, and attempting various art projects. Some of her favorite things include hot sunny weather, the NY Giants, random acts of kindness, and indulging dark chocolate. But if there is one thing you should know about her it’s that she’s a major foodie (give her yummy food and she will love you forever!)

Emily’s greatest memories of summer come from being a WMACS camper. She can honestly say that there is no experience comparable to being at camp. Maybe that’s why she is so excited to come back again this year. WMACS 2011 was such an amazing and fun experience for her and she can’t wait for what WMACS 2012 has to offer!

April Kwan – Counselor

N. Potomac, MD
Rice University, 2015
Camper: 6 years (2003-05, 09-11)
Counselor: 2 years (2012-13)

April is a rising Junior at Rice University in Houston, TX, where she is currently a Pre-Dental student studying Kinesiology and Biochemistry. She was born and raised in North Potomac and has lived there her whole life but has recently moved to Austin, TX. When she’s not busy working at orthodontic and dental offices, she likes to do crafts, make friendship bracelets, watch TV, do wushu and lion dance, EAT, and cook/bake (but mostly just eat, to be honest). If all goes well, she hopes to one day own an orthodontic practice of her own so that she can torture small children on the daily (and maybe make their teeth straighter) instead of having to wait until camp to do so.

Just kidding! April loves all things camp, including if not especially the campers. She has made some of her best friends through camp and hopes to help future campers have the same amazing experience she has had every year she has gone. Some of her favorite memories have been from her past seven years at camp and she cannot wait to make more this coming year as a counselor!

Catherine Cheng – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2015
Camper: 5 years (2005-07, 10-11)
Counselor: 2 years (2012-13)

Catherine is currently a rising junior at the University of Maryland, majoring in Architecture. She is a professional cupcake eater and craft store dweller and a not-so-professional singer and dancer. In her free time, Catherine enjoys watching TV and eating anything she can get her hands on. She has an overwhleming love for sharks and nail polish and has a talent for ordering the worst dishes at restaurants! She is also obsessed with Transformers and likes to think her car is secretly a decepticon. (:

Catherine loves anything and everything about WMACS and can’t wait to be on the counselor team again this year! Through her time as a camper, she has met some of her best friends and made some of her favorite memories. She can’t wait for summer to come so she can experience the excitement of camp all over again!

Chris Chang – Counselor

Gaithersburg, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2015
Camper:  3 years (2009-11)
Counselor: 2 years (2012-13)

Born and raised in Maryland by two loving parents, Chris (pronounced Creeeeaaaasssseeeee) is currently a rising a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park where he’s majoring in electrical engineering (God help him).

As a child, Chris liked to travel to far away random places from his house in hope of finding fun and adventure. One day, while Chris was exploring an abandoned warehouse in the mountains of Maryland (Frostburg *cough* what?), he discovered a crater with a glowing red rock in the middle. Remembering how in Ben Ten, Ben obtained special alien powers by finding a cool alien watch in an asteroid, Chris thought that he had found his own outlet to super powers. However, Chris didn’t realize that the glowing red rock was actually a radioactive element that scientists now identify as Awkwardilium. Despite his efforts, Chris became very shy and awkward after making contact with the element that the U.S. government has now sealed away to prevent the entire nation from becoming awkward.

Chris’ parents met with every doctor and tried every possible method to help Chris open up and become more outgoing. After years and years of trial and error, Chris’ parents finally found the one place where Chris would become closer to being more socially acceptable: WMACS. After 3 years of psychotherapy and meeting new friends at the WMACS summer camp, Chris finally became less and less awkward (not really). As a result, Chris now wants to return to WMACS as a counselor to further cure his awkwardness.

Don’t be alarmed when you realize that Chris’ is probably going to be the most strangest counselor you’ll ever have. Other than being awkward, he also likes to eat and complain about being hungry even though he’s thinner than a straw. His favorite hit songs range from Asian R&B to hip hop and in his own time he likes to play basketball with his pet rock….I mean friends.

Last but not least, Chris is cool…..Peace.

Joseph Shi – Counselor

North Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2015
Camper:  1 year (2011)
Counselor: 2 years (2012-13)

Joseph is a honey badger.

Kevin Ahn – Counselor

Clarksburg, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2015
Camper: 0 years (?!)
Counselor: 2 years (2012-13)

Kevin is currently a rising junior at the University of Maryland, double majoring in Government & Politics and Chinese Language. He plans to go study abroad to Taiwan next year for a semester! When he’s not busy working, he likes to go to the gym with his friends, play sports (basketball, soccer or any sports that uses a ball), hit the pool and listen to music. His favorite music artists are 2pac and Adam Levine. He is addicted to pho and he plans to learn how to make it this summer! He likes to collect wayfarer sunglasses and fitted hats. He wears size 7 1/8 hats!

He has no experience as a WMACS camper. He is excited to meet the campers and have fun this summer! He loves camps so much he’s even worked at Little Bennett Regional Park as a campsite assistance for a year. His parents (Ph.D in Psychology. Just kidding!)  think it’s because he is the only child and he wants to quench his thirst for sibling love. HE DISAGREES. Whatever his drive may be, he can’t wait for the camp and make new siblings, I mean new friends this summer at WMACS!

Anthony Hwang – Counselor

Herndon, VA
James Madison University, 2014
Camper:  6 years (2001-04, 06-07)
Counselor: 1 year (2013)

Anthony is finishing his 4th year of college at JMU studying Accounting and Computer Information Systems. Double major. ASIAN-STATUS YEA!!! He picked up a second major because he loves school so much and just didn’t want to leave!! Kind of… When not studying (because he’s a very, very hard working student) he likes to play League of Legends, Starcraft 2, lion dance, work out, waste time on YouTube, and eat. Mostly eat.

  • Here are some random facts about Anthony.
  • He once ate 33 slices of pizza AND one brownie at CiCi’s.
  • His bestestest friend in life was also his first ever roommate at WMACS.
  • In 8th grade he fractured his ankle skipping in gym class. Since then he has trained long and hard to learn how to properly skip in order to prance around without hurting himself.
  • The scar on his face is from a knife. Really.
  • In high school, Anthony tried to eat 4 bananas in one minute… it didn’t go well…

From being a 6-time camper, Anthony knows that WMACS is the best week of the year of the decade of the century of the millennium for both campers and counselors. He cannot wait to finally go back to Frostburg State University after a five year hiatus and be a part of the glory that is DUBYOUMAX.

Kahty Shi – Counselor

Chantilly, VA
College of William and Mary, 2016
Camper: 0 years (Ultimate Scrub Status)
Counselor: 1 year (2013)

Kathy is a rising sophomore at the College of William and Mary, and will probably be majoring in International Relations. But who knows!

Like most other people, she likes food (especially wings and pho), dancing, cheerleading, and music. In fact, it’s a rare moment to catch her when she’s not listening to any tunes. The easiest way into her heart is to share some of your jams with her, as long as it’s not death metal and preferably not country. She spends way too much time watching dance videos on Youtube and trying to learn how to dougie/twerk.
Though she’s never been a WMACS counselor or camper before, she’s incredibly excited to meet everyone and get involved with it because of all the amazing things she’s heard!!
  1. Such a great group of people!! I’m super excited to work with everyone 😀

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